The Story of Our Mind

In June 2009, I attended my first Inner Awakening program with a living incarnation, Paramahamsa Nithyananda (fondly known as Swamiji) after having left my corporate life for good. I remembered he narrated an incident from his wandering days and I would like to share this incident because it will help us understand our mind better.

“When I was wandering in the villages of Northern India, I had often noticed the villagers using a novel trap to catch birds. They would suspend a stick horizontally from the branch of a tree. The stick will be hanging from the tree by a rope tied around its middle, that’s all. This stick is the trap for the birds.

You must be wondering – how a stick can trap a bird?

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Be the Ultimate Gambler in Life

I was reminded of a discourse given by my master, Paramahamsa Nithyananda, he once said that: “An ordinary gambler requires 3 qualities – courage to start, the power to proceed or execute and the energy to let go.”

We all know that courage is necessary to understand the laws of gambling since it involves probable loss of huge sums of money, possessions and name and fame. The attitude of a gambler should be: If it goes it goes, if it comes it comes. There is no sure-win in gambling, in fact, the chance of losing your stake is higher than winning.

Once you have the courage to overcome this fear of loss, you need the power to execute with the play and stake what is necessary. The outcome being uncertain, you need the energy to let go and accept regardless of the positive or negative outcome. You understand clearly that it requires energy to let go both the extremes of the possible outcome.

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Living an Authentic Life


Do you know the difference between honesty and authenticity?

This is my understanding. First of all, honesty is definitely a better quality than dishonesty as we all know dishonesty only leads to more mess and suffering in life.

Many people claim that they are honest, for example, they pay their taxes regularly to their country, they would admit their mistakes, they express anger with someone if it is not right, they tell you off if they are offended, they would even come clean with their spouse if they cheat in the marriage etc. Basically, if we look deeply, honesty is a social quality which is essential for living together in a community. But honesty is built on ego because honesty demands and sometimes tries to torture others. Fundamentally, honesty is a poor substitute for authenticity.

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