Rediscover love for self and the Whole

I had such a fantastic time in Taiwan last week teaching the second module of Mothers Love Kids Yoga Teachers Training. During this training, I had added one important process for the six aspiring teachers – Love Samyama so that they could once again re-connect to the original space of love for self and the Whole. Some of the teachers were moved to tears as they had disconnected from this space for so long. This is such an important click especially for teachers who are going to work with children’s space. Their ability to experience this space of love for self and the Whole will help them transmit the qualities of self-love to the kids. Unless we are able to relate to this pure space of love for self and the whole, we can’t experience the feeling of being worthy, creative and alive.

Let me explain the meaning of samyama. I learned the secrets of Samyama from my Guru, a living incarnation – Bhagawan Sri Nithyananda Paramashivam (fondly known as Swamiji). He revealed that samyama is the technology through which the extraordinary experiences and power; which are in your super consciousness, are expressed through your body to the world. Your super consciousness is all knowing, all pervading, but preparing your body and mind to radiate some of those great powers and expressing those powers, that technology is samyama. Samyama is the essence of the Hindu tradition, the core of Vedic tradition.  Samyama is the “applied science” of pure yoga science. Science has 2 parts – theories & applied in practical life. Samyama is the applied science that brings value to pure science. Powers like materialization, teleportation, levitation etc. are a part of Hindu Vedic tradition, the applied science is used to inspire people towards pure science. All the juicy part of Sanatana Hindu Dharma is the applied science.

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Children respond to your space not words

Do you feel frustrated when your child does not listen to you?
Are you having trouble understanding your child?
Do you wish to have deep communion with your child?

Many parents and caretakers are not aware of the truth that children (age of 7 years old and below) respond to the space you hold for them. So the first thing that parents, teachers or caretakers need to know is that children live in the space of a child – a space of pure awareness and possibility without thinking, judgment and loads of the past. If you have the right understanding, you will begin to learn how to move into the child’s space and relate with them. It is only when both meet in the space of a child that communication can happen. When both child and parents are in the space of completion, a beautiful communion between both parties happens.

After the initiation of the Shivoham Inner Awakening in last December by my master, Paramahamsa Nithyananda (fondly known as Swamiji), experientially I am able to work with children from the space of completion. From my personal experience after having worked with children for the last 4 years in Nithyananda Bala Vidyalaya and now in Nithyananda Weekend Gurukul, I discovered the miraculous power of space. As a teacher, when I hold a strong space of possibility for them, they simply respond to the space and start transforming.

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Be Aware of Your Mind

Yesterday I was reading the notes of Yoga Sutras 181 & 182 by the great sage, Patanjali as interpreted by Paramahamsa Nithyananda (fondly known as Swamiji) and I found so many clicks which could help humanity become aware of the workings of the mind and how we can raise ourselves to our peak possibility.

Here are some sacred truths about the human mind that you need to grasp:

By the nature of the mind, it jumps from this to that and that to this and goes on and on. The mind is the jump between consciousness and thought. It is the constant jump that we do and we justify it due to our own ignorance of trusting the mind and others’ minds which lead us into suffering and you blame Existence or God. It is like you drink the poison and you expect your enemy to die. By blaming God, you are not going to destroy the real enemy – which is your unstable MIND.

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