The Science behind Chakras

Do you know that there are seven chakras in our body?

Chakras are the whirling energy centers in our subtle body. The word ‘Chakra’ in Sanskrit literally translates as ‘wheel’ or ‘disk’. Chakras are visualized as spinning wheels or flowers with different numbers of petals. Chakras are located in our subtle body. The three main subtle energy channels of our body (nadis) are the Ida (left nadi), Pingala (right nadi) and Sushumna (central nadi) channels, which run along the spinal column. They correspond roughly to the sympathetic, parasympathetic, and central nervous systems. The nadis (energy pathways) run in a curved path, criss-crossing one another several times. At the seven points of intersection along the spine, they form strong energy hubs known as chakras.

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Mystery of Fear and Inner Peace

Through travelling the path of yoga, I’ve come to believe that our human nature is that of bliss (Ananda) and health. From this blissful existence, it is the basic human need to be calm and peaceful, to be aware of ourselves and others, to be compassionate and collaborative in enriching others, to be fully present in each moment. This state happens only when we are at peace with our Being.

Everybody aspires to be in a state of inner peace because it is our true nature; after all we arrived on planet earth in a state of peace. But as we grow older, the outer world conditioning of fear and greed makes us gradually lose this inner peace. Recently, I had the fortune of receiving a deeper
understanding on the mystery of fear and inner peace and experienced this subtle truth. I realized that unless we bring subtle understanding about acceptance of death, transcending the energy of fear, how insecurity gets created, the truth about integrity and authenticity, we will not be able to experience this peace.

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