Are you authentic to your child’s possibilities?

Can you imagine your child becoming a super human where he or she starts manifesting extraordinary powers?
Will you give your child the possibility of having an extraordinary existence?
How much are you willing to go beyond your fears, family objections and societal obligations?

For the last 3 months I have been enriching numerous parents across countries about the higher possibilities that we can give to children in a 10-day program called Nithyanandam for NewGen. It is a unique program to manifest extraordinary powers (shaktis) where children will be undergoing an intense 10-day of entangling with the best muscle memory and bio memory of Nithyananda Gurukul balasanths (child-saints) and initiation (deeksha) by a living incarnation (avatar), Paramahamsa Nithyananda, (fondly known as Swamiji).

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Follow Your Heart

Do you follow your mind or your heart?

Before I turned 40, I was mostly following my mind as this was the way I was trained in school and by society. By the time I reached my late 20’s, I hit a snag in my life. Materially, I had everything I could possibly ask for in the outer world but in the inner world, I was in total shambles. I was lost in life lacking the source of inspirations and purpose. My body was aching so badly that I carried a constant irritation and non-fulfilment. The depression of success became my guest in my inner space!

It was only when I started the path of yoga which taught me how to listen to my heart again. It was my heart that led me to seek my true Self. I discovered that the heart never lies, but the untamed mind is the cunning one. Through authentic listening to my heart, my seeking led me to meet my Guru, Paramahamsa Nithyananda (fondly known as Swamiji). He created a big cognitive shift in me and gave me the courage and inspiration to follow my heart. He made me realise that fulfilment was the only thing I was truly seeking in my life.

In April 2009, I decided to leave my marketing profession at the peak of my career because I had to honour what my heart was yearning – not for material existence but to get back to my original state of Ananda (bliss). For the last seven years, I discovered my passion which is to enrich with world about the science of living enlightenment and the science of Yoga and healing. Without a binding corporate job, I was able to explore and experiment so many new things in life like starting up my own business, volunteering for children programs and discovering the space of a child, writing a blog site sharing my experiences with yoga and healing in laymen terms, conducting healing workshops for various modern ailments like insomnia and anxiety, enjoying more quality time with my son, most of all – doing what I like which is deepening my spiritual knowledge and practice. All these wouldn’t be possible when I was having a marketing career. Honeslty, at this current life stage, because of my courage to follow my heart, I am able to experience so much fulfilment, freedom and joy. There is no tension nor irritation but only pure inspirations and an inexhaustible energy to manifest a new reality as I want.

How did I make the shift?

One fundamental question everyone needs to ask themselves is – ‘At the end of my life, is my mind going to judge whether I am a success or failure, or is my heart going to judge whether I am a success or failure?’

The truth is only your heart is going to judge, your mind loses its power on you at your deathbed. When you are doing the final calculation of your life, your heart is going to be the judge, not your mind. If your mind is the judge, all the rich fellows should have a complete and satisfying death, because as far as the mind is concerned, the material things such as money, status, enjoyment, beauty and everything – it was a great life. All the people who are rich, who asked for all these material things: good husband, amazing kids, wonderful house, and good friends and family, should be having a very fulfilling death, a very satisfying end. But that is not happening because fulfilment is what that matters.

Swamiji says:“Fundamentally it is your heart which is going to be the judge of whether your life is satisfied, complete, or if you have wasted your life. The heart is the one which is going to tell whether you are fulfilled or not. The mind is just a prostitute as it will just play any side it wants. One small reason is enough for the mind to completely tumble you, make you lose the very basis of your life.”

Why do you think people commit suicide?

Swamiji explained that this is because when the mind tumbles you, it makes you imbalanced, you do some things impulsively which you can never repair after that. Suicide is always the decision of the mind, never of the heart. People say ‘Oh, his heart is broken, so he committed suicide’. No. His mind is broken, hence he committed suicide. It is never the heart. Whenever you have a dilemma between the mind and the heart, always choose the heart, because even if you are a failure as per the mind’s cognition, the heart is the one who is going to make the judgment at the end of your life.

In essence, follow your heart because it is the heart which is going to lead you to the ultimate fulfilment of your life. Namaste. 😀

Discover the higher knowledge

In the 7th Yoga Sutra of Patanjali, we know that there are 3 different levels of knowledge – the direct perception from senses, inference from right cognition and the words of an enlightened Master.

If you only follow the society, you will only have the first level knowledge (pratyaksa), the society will be primitive as it does not know anything except what they perceive through their senses. If you are living at that level of existence, even if you live with all the wealth, name and fame, power, everything, you will only be depressed because it is like having a TV with only one channel and you don’t even know how to switch on the next channel – the next level of knowledge which is available to us. The truth is life is knowledge, expansion of knowledge is life. When we are unable to expand in knowledge after certain level means death by the first 33 years of our life.

People open the second level of knowledge are the artists, scientists, creators, poets and thinkers. For example, a sculptor may perceive a stone through his senses but he is able to remove certain parts of the stone and transform it into a sculpture. He is using the inference through cognition to enter the second level of knowledge. Rarely some civilisations offer opportunities for science, art, creativity or inference dimension (anumana) for the next 33 years till your retirement. That’s why there is a high level of suicide rate among the senior citizens all over the world.

The third level of knowledge is very rare, only the very intelligent civilizations accept, internalise and experience the words of the awakened ones, the words of the enlightened ones (agama). As the civilisations evolves to higher and higher level, it starts accepting and encouraging the higher levels of knowledge. It is only when a civilisation moves to the very subtle, very intelligent level that it starts to accept agama, the words of an enlightened Master. Only such a civilisation can keep on offering you something new for your entire life.

My Guru, Paramahamsa Nithyananda (fondly known as Swamiji) said that if you move naturally from level to level of knowledge in your life, you are a complete human being, you will live as a fulfilled being, this is called ageing gracefully. If the third level of knowledge has not happened in your life – feeling connected to the words of the enlightened ones – the higher level of knowledge has not opened up in your consciousness. Be very clear, you will fall into depression by the next 33 years after you hit 66 years of your life and your life will become a living hell. That’s the worst thing that can happen to a human being. The Vedic civilization has done a great service to humanity by awakening the highest level of knowledge in every human being because it is structured in such a beautiful way that one goes through the first and second levels naturally and the third level of knowledge will be automatically awakened in you. The enlightened beings understand that all the three levels of knowledge are related to the words of the enlightened master, so there is no conflict at all. By the time you are above 66 years old – the third phase of your life, you will be able to sit in meditation, in contemplation because you would have been prepared for it during the first and second phases of your life. You will live gracefully and age gracefully. So if you don’t want to fall into suicidal tendency by old age. The one and only way is to awaken the most subtle dimension of your being, you will have ‘YOU’ to you. That would be the greatest service you will do to yourself and the world, the best retirement plan for anyone.

In essence, start preparing yourself to move away from the wrong knowledge to receive the third level of knowledge – the words from the enlightened beings and you will never ever feel bored in your life. Namaste. 😀

  • Source – 108 truths of the Yoga of Enlightenment by Paramahamsa Nithyananda.