The real wealth as per Vedic tradition

Two weeks ago, I conducted my first 2-day wealth workshop in Singapore titled ‘Attract Abundance with Devi Lakshmi’ with a group of foreign participants from Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macau. Their feedback had been extremely encouraging especially when the message I received from Devi Lakshmi was she enjoyed the 2-day workshop and gave me blessings to take it to larger audience! So, I would like to share the knowledge of wealth creation in this article because we believe knowledge is free in Vedic tradition, you pay for experiences and transformation.

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You Can Get Out Of Addiction

From the collective consciousness, I could sense that there are millions who are secretly living with their addictions but feeling powerless as they don’t know how to get out of the addictions. Life with addiction is such an abusive way of living, it is disrespecting the very LIFE itself. People with addictions are like the living dead who are yet to be buried.

Addiction makes you feel that if you don’t do it, you feel terrible that you are missing it. If you do it, you won’t feel the joy instead you feel guilty and powerless. At first, you start enjoying it, slowly it starts enjoying you. With the same unconscious pattern, you are not living life because the unconscious pattern is swallowing your entire life.

Fundamentally, addiction is an escape from LIFE – in whatever form life presents to you. You are just trying to escape from some thoughts or issues in your life, thinking that through the distraction of addiction, you can squeeze the joy out of it! We can never elongate the joy shaft from addiction.

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Science of Manifestation

I was reminded of a straight truth by my guru, Paramahamsa Nithyananda – “Life can be equated to 2 things i.e. whether you have an ability to achieve what you want in the inner and outer world or just getting stuck in both the worlds. These are the only 2 equations.”

Life gives us the freedom to choose either to be powerful or powerless. To be able to achieve what you want in both the inner and outer worlds, you need to understand the science of manifestation. Manifestation is one of the oldest fascinating sciences in Vedic tradition. How an idea can be taken and put into the very source of our body and manifest itself as reality? Like how our body was manifested in our mother’s womb, we too carry a seed energy called Hiranya Garba (the cosmic womb) in which if an idea is planted and it can manifest. All of us have that cosmic womb within us. Any idea we put in the Hiranya Garba becomes a reality or possibility which directly adds to our life.

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