The Day I Found My Most Intimate Enemy!

I had been working on my different fears ever since I started my spiritual work. I am beyond the fear of losing material possessions because I know everything is impermanent and I trust my innate intelligence and capacity to recreate wealth even if it is taken away from me. I have no fear of losing my physical and mental health because I know how to care and maintain this body-mind system and use it as a vehicle for my achievement and my intended reality. I can handle the fear of losing my loved ones because I know that death is a liberation and celebration given to every individual soul tormented by the ignorance that they are separated from the Whole. However, I realised that there was ONE fear that I was still not able to overcome i.e. the fear of my “BIGNESS”, the Unknown. This fear had been there in my inner space for the last couple of years till I attended the latest Inner Awakening Level 4 in Bali 4 weeks ago. No doubt that there were too many profound alchemy processes in this Inner Awakening, but one of the fundamental experiences I had was going beyond my last fear!

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All Happenings are Auspicious

Life is causeless auspiciousness.  All happenings, whether good or bad as we perceive them at that moment, are auspicious expressions of Existence.  You may know that we perceive the world through our subjective lens i.e. our mind and past conditioning. Our response to the outer world is a reflection of our  inner world.  To see the auspiciousness of everything in life, we just have to step out of our logical mind and see it from Existential reality.

When I looked back into my so-called major “setbacks” or “hard knocks” in life, I realised they only made me stronger, wiser and in the end I just had a good laugh at my foolishness.  When I sat to pen down, I couldn’t have agreed more to this simple truth. For e.g.:

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