Women and Feminine Consciousness

Have you ever noticed that in any spiritual gathering or yoga class, you will usually see more women participants than men participants? Are women more interested in spirituality than men? What is the connection between women and feminine consciousness?

The divine feminine consciousness is one of my favourite subjects because it fundamentally changed my inner space and gave me the cognition about my higher purpose in life.

The Vedic tradition describes the whole Cosmos as a cosmic feminine energy. Feminine energy is the space where the whole thing happens. This is the energy that constantly gives birth.  The source of divine or creation is the mother energy. That is why Vedic rishis describe the Cosmos as Devi loka (Cosmic Mother). Anything conscious is feminine, all other adjustments in existence for this consciousness to exist is masculine.  The center is the feminine consciousness; all the workers are masculine consciousness.  Enlightenment is about awakening the suppressed sacred feminine energy which lies dormant within us. Once awakened, it does so much to our consciousness because literally we give birth to ourselves.

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Ten important lessons about motherhood

This week while checking on my 9 y.o. son’s school bag, I discovered an English assignment which he did on “I love you forever”, he wrote this:-

Dear mum,

I will love you in the entire space, not even if you scold me, I still love you. Next time, I will always follow you and you are my best mum I ever had. I feel so lucky when my mum cooks yummy food for me. Love, Kai

This was such an affirmation for the decision I made 3 years ago to quit my corporate life and to spend more time with Kai. The fulfillment within is really sweet.

Like many modern women, I was deeply torn between my career and my desire to be there for my child several years ago. As current day parents, we are often tied up with so many environmental and societal pressures of being attached to work and money in the materialistic pursuits. For the first 6 years of my son’s life, I was a working mum doing a regional job but I was lucky enough to be supported by a trusted domestic caretaker who really took great care of my son. However, we all know that we can’t possibly sub-contract a mother’s responsibilities to an outsider because fundamentally, parents are the first role model of a child and we have the responsibility in giving them the foundation of possibilities.

When a woman feels this crack in her inner space, she naturally carries the heaviness of guilt inside her heart which makes it impossible for her to have fulfilment in her life. If this crack is not addressed, a woman could fall into anxiety and depression. Having struggled through this major cross-road myself, I am glad that I always find the right guidance through spiritual solutions. After all, we are relating with another intelligent spiritual being.

In this article, I would like to share with all mothers as well as women who work with children, the 10 golden lessons that I learnt from my own journey of motherhood. Of course, motherhood is a life-long process, so I can only share whatever I imbibed at this moment. Please only take whatever resonates with you.

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