Awaken women to their divinity

On this Labour Day, for the first time I conducted a workshop outside of Singapore on the topic, “Experience Your Divinity”. I had the fortune of sharing the sacred knowledge of Divine Feminine Consciousness with a group of beautiful women in Hong Kong.

How was this workshop conceived?

As some of you may be aware from my earlier articles, when my Guru, Paramahamsa Nithyananda (fondly known as Swamiji) spoke about Divine Feminine Consciousness in 2009, it hit me like a lightning bolt because something clicked within me very deeply.

Let me introduce the science of Mother Worship.

From the undisturbed existence of pure consciousness, a primal alteration happens – two inseparable yet distinct aspects of existence emerge. The two tattwas (principles) are the Siva Tattwa and Sakthi Tattwa. They are the beginning of cosmic evolution. Both aspects remain ever present, every prevalent and cannot exist without the other. They are also known as Purusha (cosmic spirit) and Prakrithi (the cosmic substance). Prakrithi, the cosmic substance is the divine feminine consciousness that is responsible for everything you see and experience. In each one of us, there is an energy which constantly gives birth. Anything you see and experience belongs to mother energy. Worshipping this energy is called the mother worship. Mother worship is unique to Vedic tradition, it is a gift to planet earth. All sacred things are looked upon as feminine in Vedic traditions. Expression is feminine energy, all other adjustments for this expression are masculine energy. The source of divine or creation is mother energy. Only mother energy can give liberation. Whenever mother energy is added to you, you experience enlightenment. Whenever Kundalini shakti (inner potential energy) is awakened in you, you experience a unique feminine mood/feeling i.e. you give birth to yourself. You become the cosmic mother – Devi.

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Women and Feminine Consciousness

Have you ever noticed that in any spiritual gathering or yoga class, you will usually see more women participants than men participants? Are women more interested in spirituality than men? What is the connection between women and feminine consciousness?

The divine feminine consciousness is one of my favourite subjects because it fundamentally changed my inner space and gave me the cognition about my higher purpose in life.

The Vedic tradition describes the whole Cosmos as a cosmic feminine energy. Feminine energy is the space where the whole thing happens. This is the energy that constantly gives birth.  The source of divine or creation is the mother energy. That is why Vedic rishis describe the Cosmos as Devi loka (Cosmic Mother). Anything conscious is feminine, all other adjustments in existence for this consciousness to exist is masculine.  The center is the feminine consciousness; all the workers are masculine consciousness.  Enlightenment is about awakening the suppressed sacred feminine energy which lies dormant within us. Once awakened, it does so much to our consciousness because literally we give birth to ourselves.

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