You Can Rewrite Your Future

The most precious gift that I received in my last spiritual retreat, Inner Awakening in Bali was the science of rewriting my own future – a breakthrough in my ability to cause my own reality.

First, let me share with you the two things which the whole humanity is caught in: 1) Default Future and 2) Reality Illusion.

You see, all of us have a default flow of life called “default future” because of our individual root-pattern and past incompletions. The root patterns and parasite patterns are very powerful as they not only make us accumulate more and more suffering and karmas while in the body, but they also make us feel nothing is possible in life. This additional karma accumulated after we assumed the body is called “Agamya”. Agamya karma results in one experiencing the “default future which naturally attracts diseases, depression and suffering. That’s the fate of ordinary human life.

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Past has no Future, Future has no Past

This morning I received a call for help by a girlfriend who was psychologically being tortured by her mother who constantly nagged at her, telling her how she should behave and live her life, her expectations of her. That poor girl was almost at a stage of mental breakdown as she felt her mother was controlling her life even though she is already in her late 30’s. Her mother was so stuck in her past with all her incompletions and she was vomiting all her past fears into her daughter.

Frankly, I realise that there are many people around us who are so stuck in their dead past, they waste their entire life brooding over the past, as a result they can’t create a new future. I was also one of them who was stuck by the dead weight of my past till I met my master, Paramahamsa Nithyananda. He helped me to understand the futility of the past.

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