Evolving a new species of mankind

Do you know that like plants, our human body has the capability to produce food and energy from the sun rays, prana and ether?

Unfortunately, as a human race, we’ve forgotten this intelligent bio-memory within this human body after many lives of consuming food as the main source of energy. From the ancient yogic scripture – Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, it states that the human body is a miniature of the Cosmos. By the nature of our intelligence, our body can directly produce whatever it wants from the pancha bhootas (5 elements) – the space or ether, the air, the sun rays (the fire representation), from the water, from walking on the ground (earth). Our body can just imbibe directly from these 5 elements. The truth is we don’t need so much food to sustain us. We need only a little support from whatever grows in the earth like grains and vegetables. I feel that it is time human beings reclaim this natural intelligence in us and liberate ourselves from the attachment for food. This will solve many of the food related mental patterns, disorders and the exploitation by large corporations and political parties on planet earth.

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