Giving life to a depressed teenager

About nine months ago, one of my yoga students shared with me about her troubled teenage daughter who had lost interest in life and withdrawn herself into her own cocoon. She would choose to engage with her mother as and when she felt like it depending on to her moods. She had stopped attending school for about one year due to lack of passion and depression.

Her mother had wanted to bring her to see me for private counselling but it didn’t happen earlier because of deep incompletion in their relationship. Her daughter had a lot of anger and incompletion with her mother. Naturally, she wouldn’t listen to her mother’s suggestion as she had seen a psychiatrist which it didn’t work for her, let alone coming to see her yoga teacher. The good thing was I had worked on the incompletion of her mother about one year ago so she was in a better space to relate with her daughter.

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A Completion of a Mother and Her Child

How do you motivate and inspire an intelligent 12 y.o. child who feels suffocated by the dreadful Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE) in the local educational system?

This pretty much sums up the predicament I was experiencing with my son, Kai before we left for Brisbane last week. Kai is a very happy child with such pure innocence and pure heart. But, I’ve noticed that ever since this year, he has been swarmed by the avanlanche of school worksheets and examination papers given by different teachers. This has taken a toll on his otherwise free-spirit. His school bag is constantly filled with papers of worksheets of different subjects. In addition, his daddy had engaged 2 language tuitors to help him hone his English and Chinese language skills. While trying to plough along with the system, Kai found other distractions to amuse himself from the monotony of school work – he started playing online game like Tanki Online which gave him a certain recognition and sense of achievement in the gaming community. He also engaged himself in listening to classical music and some slapstick youtube videos as a way to de-stress himself. But he is not inspired in his studies, merely doing what he was told. His spirit was somewhat numbed by his current life. Many times, I saw him slacked off and had to remind him to get back to his studies. Soon it became a nag to him and his resistance ensued. Besides loving him and giving him fulfilment at many levels, I knew something was still missing in his life. There was an awareness of the problem, but I didn’t have a solution yet.

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