Miracle of Working from Space

Our inner space is such an amazing psychological organ! Unless you experiment with it, you won’t even begin to fathom the power of your own inner space.

 Before I discovered the power of inner space, I used to function out of fear and greed from the conditioning of society and that was the way I ran my life for about 40 years filled with so much struggles and suffering. It was only after I attended the Inner Awakening spiritual retreat conducted by my master, Paramahamsa Nithyananda (also known as Swamiji) and started working on cleaning up and harnessing my inner space that I began to fully grasp the immense possibilities of this new treasure chest within me. Now I fully understand, in the space, everything is possible.

About a month ago I was working with a committed volunteer who wanted to work with the community of kids with special needs especially autism because she has a 13 y.o. son who is autistic. The moment I decided to take up the responsibility of being a co-creator in her life, from the space of completion, I told her that I would design a yoga therapy programme for these kids. Even though I didn’t have a clear idea how I was going to do it, but I just knew that I would do it.

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