The real wealth as per Vedic tradition

Two weeks ago, I conducted my first 2-day wealth workshop in Singapore titled ‘Attract Abundance with Devi Lakshmi’ with a group of foreign participants from Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macau. Their feedback had been extremely encouraging especially when the message I received from Devi Lakshmi was she enjoyed the 2-day workshop and gave me blessings to take it to larger audience! So, I would like to share the knowledge of wealth creation in this article because we believe knowledge is free in Vedic tradition, you pay for experiences and transformation.

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Wealth and Spirituality

Do you think wealth and spirituality are in conflict? Do you feel guilty about becoming wealthy? Do you have problem attracting wealth?

 I used to carry a few wrong ideas about wealth due to my past childhood conditioning until I attended an Enlightened Wealth programme in 2011 by my guru, Paramahamsa Nithyananda. It changed many of the wrong root patterns I carried about wealth! Since then I’ve seen an increase in my ability to create wealth. You may ask how can we learn about wealth from a sannyasi – one who does not touch money?!  The truth is only enlightened master, who has gone beyond wealth, is fit to speak about the secrets of wealth creation because he can’t be made wealthy by any material wealth in the outer world.

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