Completion of insecurity with wealth

I can say that one of my past insecurity patterns is with money or wealth. I grew up in a large family of eight and my father was a humble construction worker. Money was a constant struggle and often the reason for fights between my parents. At a very young age of 5-6, there was this one violent fight between my parents because of money which led me to develop a wrong cognition about money out of fear – “Money is so important because with money, people don’t have to fight.”. Money was perceived as a security blanket for me.

Living in a small nation like Singapore where we are constantly reminded by the government that there is a lack of natural resources in our country and people are the only resource that we have. The propaganda is always based on the same insecurity so as to keep us feeling inadequate that we need to keep running our lives to build our ideal dream home, happy family lifestyle and a comfortable retirement nest. That is the kind of societal conditioning I grew up with in relation with wealth.

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