Be a leader of your life

Last weekend on 1-2 April, I attended an enlightening workshop by a living avatar, Paramahamsa Nithyananda (fondly known as Swamiji). The tittle of the workshop was “Be Your Own Boss – Manifesting Leadership Consciousness”. In this workshop, he gave the 3 important principles for becoming your own boss which I am going to share here. Now, for those of you who are seriously considering jumping out of the corporate rat race to become your own boss or you are already your own boss, you will find some of these insights useful alongside with my own experience.

Swamiji said:”In Vedic tradition, everything starts with Saraswati (right knowledge). All solutions start with right knowledge as Saraswati is capable of manifesting Durga (power) and Lakshmi (abundance). What cognitions you carry about freedom, wealth and boss?”

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Conscious Seeing Through Third Eye

Seeing is a fundamental aspect of life. Even with the blind people, they continue to ‘see’ in their inner space. The truth is, whether we are blind or have the physical eyes, we continue to see through our inner eyes. Seeing is life, life is nothing but seeing. However, seeing with the 3rd eye (Agna chakra) is conscious seeing.

The science of opening the 3rd eye is a unique contribution of the Vedic tradition. If you see all the Hindu gods and goddesses, you will see them with 3 eyes. It means that only if your 3rd eye is awakened, you can become a God. For Hindus, the possibility of opening the 3rd eye exists because they keep the bindi or kum kum (processed turmeric powder) on the 3rd eye, which awakens it.

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