Listening is the key to heal relationships

How to complete a frustrated and angry teenager with her mother?
How to heal their relationship?

That was exactly what I did last week for a lovely mother and her teenage daughter when the mother sincerely requested me to help them complete with each other and heal their past hangovers. Through this experience, I discovered quite often parents and their children became incomplete with each other when there was a lack of listening and poor communication.

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Re-program Your Muscle Memory Through Yoga

Are you aware there is such a thing called muscle memory?

The truth is our body stores memories in different parts of the organs and muscles. Muscle memory is responsible for the spontaneous way in which we react to every situation before even we are actually aware of it. They come from the past memories of this body, meaning the memories of this birth. After many unconscious repeated actions, it is stored in our muscles and we respond to life out of these unconscious past memories. By and by, these incompletions become patterns in us over time and they start creating more and more trouble and suffering in our life.

I’ve started a new yoga Module called ‘Yoga for Women’ last week and one of the things that we are exploring is the re-programming of engraved memories of a female physiology. The common engraved memories that all human beings tend to suffer is that of laziness pattern. Breaking the muscle memory of laziness is the first step in spiritual awakening. If laziness pattern gets settled into the body’s muscle memory, for a female, it will lead to indulgence in past suffering and engrams. However, for a male body, it leads to indulgence of sense pleasures and new engrams.

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Past has no Future, Future has no Past

This morning I received a call for help by a girlfriend who was psychologically being tortured by her mother who constantly nagged at her, telling her how she should behave and live her life, her expectations of her. That poor girl was almost at a stage of mental breakdown as she felt her mother was controlling her life even though she is already in her late 30’s. Her mother was so stuck in her past with all her incompletions and she was vomiting all her past fears into her daughter.

Frankly, I realise that there are many people around us who are so stuck in their dead past, they waste their entire life brooding over the past, as a result they can’t create a new future. I was also one of them who was stuck by the dead weight of my past till I met my master, Paramahamsa Nithyananda. He helped me to understand the futility of the past.

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