See everything with empty eyes

Have you ever wondered why children are always so blissful?
Do you notice their eyes radiate a certain emptiness?

As the saying goes – eyes are the window to the soul! If you watch children’s eyes, they will be clear and empty, that is why they are in bliss.

What happened to us in the so-called process of growing up?

As you grow up, your eyes become filled with knowledge. Then you may have sight, but not insight, because you see through your eyes that are already filled with opinions, judgments and beliefs. Your sight is no longer innocent like a child, it is filtered and clouded because you see through the filter of your beliefs, ideas and conditioned memories. That is when you begin a life of patterns, predictability and boredom. It is the poverty in your cognition that brings boredom in your life. There is nothing new to learn from what you see because it becomes a repetition of your past memories. The learning is missed and you stop your expansion in deepening the understanding of self, life, world and God.

Boredom is a very dangerous pattern that humanity is suffering from in the modern world. Living in boredom is tantamount to life imprisonment because one wastes his or her own life just by wandering aimlessly and eventually leading to self-destruction. Life becomes mundane and boring only because your eyes are clouded with the beliefs and conditioned memories.

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Living with Truth vs. Logic

Do you function purely out of logic or intellect in life?

Let me share with you why I have moved away from living with logic to living with truth.

We are trained by schools, institutions and society to function with just logic or intellect which is fact-based. Facts are logical which is easy for our mind, but truth is beyond logic which our mind cannot fathom. That’s why we always believe facts but doubt the truth. We can use facts to support our thinking and arguments which is easily accepted by society. By and by, we begin to believe that our mind is very logical, we are a logical person. We start to make our mind the master.

I was reminded of a perfect example given by Paramahamsa Nithyananda on facts vs. truth. The fact is you can draw a straight line. According to Albert Einstein, the truth is you CANNOT draw a straight line. To find this out, let’s do a little experiment.

Draw a straight line on a blackboard; next extend the straight line throughout the city. Then extend it further throughout the entire country. Until now it will be a straight line, again extend the straight line to the next country, and then extend it to the next continent. Soon you will realise it will be a curve of the globe. If you cover one more continent with your straight line, what will happen to your so-called straight line? It becomes a circle!

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