Experiencing Yoga as a passive feminine expression

Two weekends ago, I conducted a 2.5-day Yoga workshop titled ‘Tune Your Body’ for a small group of ladies who came all the way from Hong Kong and Vietnam. For the first time, I am opening up the way Yoga practice has resonated within me as an expression of divine feminine consciousness. In my early days of Yoga Teachers training, I was trained to connect to the ontogenetic evolution (from infancy to adulthood) and phylogenetic evolution of human species (from amoeba to a 2-legged human) by the founder of this science, her name is Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen from Body Mind Centering. She wrote a book called ‘Sensing, Feeling and Action’ using different human developmental patterns to awaken the innate connection of the body-mind system. This knowledge has been the foundation the way how I apply to bodywork in Yoga. Interestingly, I also mapped this knowledge with the powerful cognitions which I was initiated by my Guru, His Divine Holiness Paramahamsa Nithyananda (fondly known as Swamiji) in last December in a program called Mahasadashivoham.  This time I also used the science of Sounds Healing by tuning the frequency of individuals. The outcome was a very pheromonal experience of a return to the space of silence and the depth of being.
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Science of Healing Through Sound

From years of teaching experience, I notice there are some people who shun mantra chanting during yoga classes or meditation due to a lack of understanding of the science behind mantra or the wrong conditioning of fear. They do not understand the true power of science of sound. My intention in this article is to help shed more light to the non-believers and laymen.

More than 5,000 years ago, there was a time in Vedic civilization near the Ganges river of India, the use of sound technology was common in human’s daily life such as watching moving images in communion with Divine, flying an ‘aircraft’, building weapons for war, communicating with animals, breaking objects like stone etc. Just by producing certain sound vibrations, the civilization was able to lead a very sophisticated lifestyle by playing with sound and Nature.  On planet earth, there are 2 traditions: 1) light -based tradition or 2) sound-based tradition i.e. the use of light particles vs. the sound particles. In the Eastern civilization, they use the sound particles to win the cosmos while the Western civilisation, they use the light particles to win over nature. In earlier period of Vedic tradition, everything was done through the sound particles. The Vedic masters were able to summon Sun and Moon and any energy just by sound and achieved whatever they needed to accomplish on the earthly plane! To them, everything is possible by creating the right sound vibrations through mantras! Unfortunately, the mass destruction of this sacred science of sound happened during the Mahabharata War and a few natural calamities, hence this powerful science of handling sound and playing with extraordinary things did not get transmitted to future generations. This is a great loss to humanity.

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