You Can Heal Your Past Traumas

Are you mentally disturbed by your past traumas? Do you feel negative and powerless in your life? Are you constantly cherishing your dead past? Do you know that shallow breathing is related to you holding on to your past?

If you identify yourself with any of the above questions, you are holding on to your past which is stopping you from living a full life. Holding on to these photographic memories is like having many high-resolution images in your inner space which crowd your perception. This starts the problem because you have allowed negativity to take roots in your inner space. Negativity cannot grow in your inner space if your past memories are not supplied as evidence. Brooding over the dead past only leads you to low mood, low self esteem, anxiety and sometimes depression. This preparation for failure in life is a negative commitment you are giving to yourself which you need to get out. When your past occupies your inner space, it is lack of integrity!

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