Find a permanent solution

Are you one who often finds the easy and quick solution to a problem instead of taking time to find a permanent solution? What is your coping strategy?

When it comes to a problem, I’ve seen many people do not have the patience to find a permanent solution due to a lack of will persistence or fear of facing the reality. So they just escape the situation by giving up on themselves and others which leads to more suffering and permanent damage later.

I remembered there was this client who has a spinal degeneration, she has no patience to devote time to re-train her body; instead she opted for the invasive spinal surgery. She is now living the side-effects of post spinal surgery which is non-reversible.

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How to hold the space of possibilities for your child?

When a soul takes a human body and lands on planet earth in a meditative state, that pure state of awareness is a space of unimaginable unlimited possibilities which is beyond the comprehension of our limited human mind. That space is the space of a child. As children are the embodiment of life itself, they are always so full of life, filled with creativity, new possibilities and joy. If parents are able to hold a conducive space of possibilities for their children to flower into spiritual beings, they will become the awakened ones.

Having worked with children since 2010 and experienced the space of a child, I am able to relate with children from their space. In their space, literally I can feel what they experience with their parents.

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