Let’s Create A New Health Consciousness

On Wednesday, May 1st was Labour Day, I went to volunteer at the Sree Narayana Mission Home for the Aged Sick as a part of seva (service) of Life Bliss Foundation Singapore.  All the old folks were on wheelchairs as some  were stroke patients or physically handicapped. In that brief few hours of spending time with these old folks, I felt a deep compassion for these people and began to question – How can more people learn the science of living a healthy life till their golden years?

As a yogi, I simply know I will exit this body gracefully when the time comes without sickness or suffering. How can I transmit this understanding of a new health consciousness to people? This gave me the impetus to share with humanity that we don’t have to settle for the current false order of society. The key is having the knowledge to create the right health consciousness and start living it.

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