How to hold the space of possibilities for your child?

When a soul takes a human body and lands on planet earth in a meditative state, that pure state of awareness is a space of unimaginable unlimited possibilities which is beyond the comprehension of our limited human mind. That space is the space of a child. As children are the embodiment of life itself, they are always so full of life, filled with creativity, new possibilities and joy. If parents are able to hold a conducive space of possibilities for their children to flower into spiritual beings, they will become the awakened ones.

Having worked with children since 2010 and experienced the space of a child, I am able to relate with children from their space. In their space, literally I can feel what they experience with their parents.

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Listen To Your Teenage Child

Last Saturday, I attended a very enlightening and enriching parenting workshop called “Space of a Child” conducted by Ma Rishi Advait who is the Head of Enlightened Education in Nithyananda Dhyanapeeta, a Vedic school in Bangalore, India. The topic was about “Teens and Tantrums in Children”. The biggest click I got out of the session about teenagers was – the Power of Listening. I realized that many of the problems we face with modern teenagers can be solved if only we listen to them without judging and stop making them what we want them to be.

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