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It’s Friday, here are something for you to contemplate on this weekend. Enjoy. 😀

Discover Peace
Your being, your consciousness is by itself pure.
It has just been covered by your social conditioning.

Contemplate – You are continuously on the move in your life. Spare a few minutes of silence every morning when you wake up and discover a new sense of peace.

Flow like a River
We are born like a flowing river.
But through the years, we become frozen, we stop flowing and become like a block of ice. The process of melting this block of ice back into a river is meditation.

Contemplate – Why do you continue to remain hard? Why is your body-mind so cold? Why is it like a block of ice? Sit down in a relaxed posture and feel yourself melting. Feel all of your conditioning and your ego melting away. See that all the stress, all the pressure which you face in your daily life melting away. Just visualize the whole thing melting and yourself melting away. Finally, when this feeling rises to its peak, the ice has melted, you have once again become a flowing river.

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9 Obstacles to being in Presence

Life is a long journey which we all have to go through; we have to realize our own Presence. But this journey of self discovery has to be travelled alone by ourselves. No one is going to help us. We have to raise our self by our Self.  A teacher, master or guru can only support us, but he or she can do no more that this.

To realize our own Presence is to reach the level of our being. Without touching base with our being, we will not be able to experience what life is really about. By not entering into the space of being, we miss the ecstasy of being. When we raise our awareness and turn inwards to focus on our inner space, we discover that the source of all joy lies within ourselves. This is the purpose of human birth – to realize the divinity within us.

However, there are 9 obstacles in life known as maya (illusions) which divert us from our true mission in life and prevent us from experiencing our Self, our presence. They are:-

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Get Back to Your Presence

Get Back to Your Presence


Since July 2011, I had been contemplating on a suitable name for this new exploration and expression of mine i.e. sharing the science of yoga and healing with others. One morning in late August, suddenly “Your Presence Heals” was revealed to me in a flash during my morning Sadhana (practice) in a deep “unclutched” state. The words appeared clearly in my inner space. Just like how scientists like Newton or Einstein had their sudden revelation of scientific discoveries in the one moment – the present moment, these three words came to me but I had to piece the puzzle together by figuring out logically the space where this revelation happened.

There is a common saying “Your presence speaks volumes about who you are and what you stand for”. Presence can be expressed from different energy spectrum, for e.g. from a grosser level as physical matter like body expression but at a subtler level, it is energy or consciousness radiating the spirit of Light. Fundamentally, we are all nothing but energy as concluded by Einstein’s mass-energy equivalence theory, E = MC2. Everything that exists is energy. Presence is nothing but energy we radiate.

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