Give your child the ultimate security

I met a friend recently who shared with me about his unhappy relationship with his spouse. His wife has started arguing a lot lately in front of their children which really upset him. He was hoping I could help his wife to understand the big picture. This gave me the inspiration to share this important truth to parents out there who are ignorant about their actions.

Do you know how the fight between parents can hurt the children?

I remembered my Guru, Paramahamsa Nithyananda (fondly known as Swamiji) once advised a parent on a similar situation. He said: “Arguing is nothing but being unable to come to terms with the other person. It is not that you are unable to come to terms with the situations. No! Understand, you are not able to come to terms with the other person.”

The constant fight between parents is going to bring a tremendous damage and hurt to the children. When kids see parents fighting with each other, they lose trust in life and their risk-taking ability is broken completely. They are put into the fear psychosis of “Oh, if I don’t behave, I may not have a place here.” When that insecurity is planted in a child’s inner space, forever he or she will be suffering from the fear of insecurity. In the first 9 years of a child’s life, you need to give a complete safe and secure feeling so that he or she will have the confidence in themselves and life. Arguing and fighting in front of kids directly destroy this feeling of security in the life. In addition, children lose respect for life and experience incompletion with life itself when they see parents fighting with each other. When they carry the wound of seeing parents fighting, they feel incomplete with the father or mother and they carry so much of incompletion inside them towards life.

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Completion Brings Respect for Your Life

Do you know that all our so-called problems and sufferings in life happen because we have lost the respect for life?

This is the fundamental issue that humanity is facing now, we’ve lost the sensitivity for life due to a huge disconnect with life itself. When I looked back to the days before my spiritual awakening and the issues my clients and students are facing, everything boils down to this one blind spot – respect for your life.

What are the symptoms that show a loss of respect for life?

If you are spending your time in worrying, you don’t have respect for life! When you try to fill your emptiness and restlessness within with material enjoyments like car, house, accumulating bank balance, food indulgence and even in relationships, thinking they will fill the incompletion you are carrying about life. Any addiction you have, whether it is alcohol, smoking, sex, drugs or pornography clearly shows you don’t have respect for your own life! Falling into low mood, depression or any psychological disorder is an indication of your lack of respect for life. Any self-harming or suicidal attempt is a clear sign of abuse of the precious life that you are given!

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