Healing self-harming tendency with completion

I am writing this article with a heavy heart because I am seeing an increase in self-harming tendency or pattern among teenagers and young adults.

This pattern of self-harming has its root in the childhood when certain wrong cognitions started to form during the tender age due to certain incidents which affected their life. Many times I’ve seen it was due to parents’ incompletions which triggered the wrong cognitions in these children. They form the wrong cognitions such as “I shouldn’t be born”, “I am not loved”, “I am not worthy”, “I am the problem”.

The first case I worked with was a lady with a very traumatic childhood experience infused with self-doubt, fear, verbal abuse and hatred. That was the way the child formed the cognitions about herself. For a long time, she suffered with this self-doubt, self-hatred and self-denial pattern and she had gone to see psychologist and psychiatrist, she was put on medication but she was not able to get out of it. It was only after several sessions of completion that she was able to shift the very cognitions.

According to Paramahamsa Nithyananda (fondly known as Swamiji) he said that “The biggest human suffering is self-doubt, self-denial, self-hatred (SDHD in short). If I have to organize it one by one, it is – self-doubt, self-hatred, self-denial. First it starts as self-doubt, follows as self-hatred, becomes fruit in self-denial. That is the way, step by step, it reaches.”

He went on to explain that only after this self-doubt comes, God becomes human. The moment self-doubt enters, God became man, macrocosm becomes microcosm, Paramatma (Cosmic Soul) becomes Jivatma (Individual soul). The first Maya (illusions and delusion), the origin of the Maya is self-doubt. The biggest liberation you will experience on planet Earth is being liberated from self-doubt, self-denial and self-hatred. Completion with self-doubt, self-denial and self-hatred will be the biggest, most powerful liberation you will experience.

Swamiji also instructed his disciples that every child should be taught to complete with all these three patterns, because these three patterns do not start in this birth, they are inherited from the past birth! Every child should be taught to complete with the self-doubt, self-hatred and self-denial. If you want to hate something, hate self-hatred. If you want to doubt something, doubt self-doubt. If you want to deny something in your life, deny self-denial.

All hatred you have with others is hatred which is there in you about you. All doubt you have about others is nothing but the doubt you have in you. All the denial you have about others is nothing but the denial you have about you inside. Self-hatred naturally creates hatred about you everywhere. Self-doubt naturally creates doubt about others in you, and in others about you. Self-denial naturally makes you deny others, and others deny you. That is the source of all suffering, that is the source of all bad things. Self-Destruction is what is “giving up on yourself and giving up on others”. Whenever SDHD patterns come up, giving up on yourself is Self-Destruction.

The good news is SDHD can be completed. The science of Poornathva, science of Completion revived by Swamiji is the most sacred secret, the most powerful Raja Vidya (Royal Sacred Knowledge) and Royal Sacred Secret. The truth is life starts only when you are complete, when you are established in the space of completion. The moment you complete with these three inside you, suddenly you will see the world will be different for you! Every human-being should be taught the science of completing with their SDHD. When you start working on your self-doubt, self-hatred and self-denial, so much of Kundalini energy (inner potential energy) gets awakened, that energy automatically will create what you want, that energy will automatically liberate you, lead you to ultimate enlightenment.

In essence, complete with the 3 patterns of SDHD, you will have a great life in front of you. You will have a great possibility in front of you. All the great truths you will be able to grasp in your life and be able to live a life of Jeevan Mukti (liberation). Namaste 😀

Power of Vedic Psychology

As a spiritual guide and healer, I discover that there is no other psychology that is more powerful and complete than Vedic Psychology. Some of you may be aware that I don’t use any of the traditional psychotherapy and psychoanalytic therapy which most people learn in mainstream institutions or universities of Psychology. This is because Vedic Psychology not only is able to provide me with answers to all the questions I have but it also offers a permanent solution to all complex psychological disorders. One recent case which I worked on, proves the power of Vedic Psychology and gives me so much confidence that I simply know many people with complex psychological disorders can be healed with this science.

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The Day I Found My Most Intimate Enemy!

I had been working on my different fears ever since I started my spiritual work. I am beyond the fear of losing material possessions because I know everything is impermanent and I trust my innate intelligence and capacity to recreate wealth even if it is taken away from me. I have no fear of losing my physical and mental health because I know how to care and maintain this body-mind system and use it as a vehicle for my achievement and my intended reality. I can handle the fear of losing my loved ones because I know that death is a liberation and celebration given to every individual soul tormented by the ignorance that they are separated from the Whole. However, I realised that there was ONE fear that I was still not able to overcome i.e. the fear of my “BIGNESS”, the Unknown. This fear had been there in my inner space for the last couple of years till I attended the latest Inner Awakening Level 4 in Bali 4 weeks ago. No doubt that there were too many profound alchemy processes in this Inner Awakening, but one of the fundamental experiences I had was going beyond my last fear!

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