The four representatives of Divine

I had an ’AHA’ moment when I came across a very old discourse delivered by my Guru in 2013 on the topic of grace!

In that discourse, Bhagawan Sri Nithyananda Paramashiva (fondly known as Swamiji) revealed that there are four representatives of God in Vedic tradition:- 1) Nature; 2) the “Avyaktha” – Unmanifested Nature which we label as “Unknown”; 3) Individual Soul and finally 4) Guru. These are the four representatives of God we encounter in the life. 

First of all, Nature is the first representative of God we face. But, if you look what human beings have done to the Nature, we are destroying the Nature at an alarming rate. Many scientists and environmentalists are seeing a rapid destruction of our natural habitat and we may not survive in the next 20 years.   

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Guru – The One Who Made Me Decide

Tomorrow is the Guru Poornima, the auspicious day which is celebrated by those who worship the Divine in the form of a Guru. This is the day when the Guru receives us into His compassion and wipes out even the most terrible karmas of life-times with His unconditional Grace. Many people cannot understand why this worship of another human form?!

You see, in the Vedic tradition, we believe that the Divine assumes the human form again and again as Guru to remind us to search for the Ultimate truth. As expressed by Lord Krishna, an incarnation in Bhagavad Gita JnanaKarmaSanyasa Yoga Chapter 4 verses 4.7-4.8, “When positive consciousness declines, when collective negativity rises, again and again, at these times, I am reborn. To nurture the pious and to annihilate the wicked, to re-establish righteousness, I am reborn, age after age.”

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