Life should be a play

Are you becoming too serious in life?
Do you feel tired and lack of zest in your work?

I was trained since young to be serious when it comes to work. The education system and the society I was brought up taught me to be goal-oriented and performance-driven. When the goals became the driving force for work, the mind would create the unnecessary pressure and expectations which put so much stress in the process of working and stifled my creativity and flow of energy.

I still remember a couple of incidents in my life which I suffered so much from being too serious about work. First was during my second year examination in University, I fell very sick 4 weeks before the examination. My body-mind was so weak that I couldn’t hold any awareness to study which created immense fear in me. The more I tried to study due to the anxiety, the more I failed miserably. The comparative nature in me was literally killing me.

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Laughter – The Antidote for Seriousness


If you observe the body language and expression of the so-called serious people, they are really dull and dead because the very seriousness closes their mind to the openness and freedom of life. Seriousness kills creativity and spontaneity which are the 2 great qualities of life. It curbs our creative thinking and makes us stick to the familiar mental patterns.  In short, seriousness is anti-life.

Seriousness is not our true nature, it is something that we acquire by and by as we grow up.  So what’s the root cause of seriousness?

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