The Joy of Living in a Sangha

There are 2 types of families – one is the blood-related family and the other is the ideological family. The former is the family we are born into whereas the latter is the family which connects us to certain ideals.

A sangha is an ideological family, a spiritual community which is kept alive only by giving and sharing spiritual experience with others. Since we are no hermits living in a cave, we are fundamentally social beings living in a community.

Lord Buddha once said that – To experience nirvana (enlightenment), 3 things are needed: Buddha (the master), dharma (His teachings) and sangha (a spiritual community). He also said that the future of sangha should be filled with tremendous friendliness. A person who supports the life’s mission is a “Mitra”, a friend.

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How I keep my child in the space of possibilities?

Do you know that children are already born complete, total with pure innocence and intelligence?

Before the age of 7 y.o., children live in a pure space called “Space of a Child”. This is the original state of pure awareness, a space of solutions where there is no mental processing like planning, judging or thinking. They just download like an internet connection whenever they need the information. This is such a beautiful space to be in as it is a space of huge possibilities. All they need from parents is the right environment and guidance from a higher energy to start expressing their extraordinary dimensions that the society holds them back from.

As a mother, I am very conscious that I want to keep my son, Kai in his pure inner space of joy, innocence, creativity and great possibility. However, I am equally aware of the negative forces in the outer world which could unbalance him and take him away from this space.

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