Are we losing the beauty of life?

Do you try to make things orderly in your life?
Do you feel comfortable with predictability?
Are you a perfectionist?

If the answer is YES to above questions, you are missing the beauty of life. See, rules are put in place in society so that we can all co-exist peacefully. But the truth is human beings are always looking for the first opportunity to break the rules. This is inherent nature of man because man is chaotic by his nature. Man is wild energy, conditioned by society. Man loves to be chaotic. As he grows, he loses this passion or rather this passion goes under covers and remains dormant which is why at the first opportunity, he is ready to let go. Actually, if you observe even the most meticulous and fastidious people get a silent kick out of breaking rules when the situation calls for it. Chaos is always exciting and energetic, orderliness is predictable and dull. That is the reason why whenever we break a rule, we feel thrilled, joyful and energetic! As long as morality is taught with fear to us as the basis, when morality is instilled in us from outside, it is only social laws. It is time we outgrow them and be able to look at them in a matured fashion.

Here’s a small story: –

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Uncertainty is life! Live it!

How do you cope with life’s uncertainty?
Are you one of those who gets totally shaken by chaos?

We all know that life is nothing but filled with uncertainty. One thing I learned is whenever we relate with ourselves as this body-mind – matter, we express a deeply engraved quality of matter which is to be certain about things in life. Matter by its very nature is certain, as such the material existence part of us always wants everything to be certain, this gives us a false sense of security. The moment life brings some unexpected changes in front of us, we are completely shaken. Consciousness by its nature is spontaneity, that is why whenever the Universal Spirit takes over, we are not able to handle spontaneity. We call that spontaneous movement as uncertainty.

Paramahamsa Nithyananda, a living incarnation (fondly known as Swamiji) gives this sacred secret – To embrace the very uncertain nature of life, firstly, we need to wake up from this illusion of certainty! Whenever life presents itself in the uncertain moments, just have this ONE understanding – life is in front of you, Consciousness is in front of you. Handle it, play with it and live it. There are some moments where you can change the matter and get rid of uncertainty but there are some moments where you just have to live with it.

The next sacred secret that Swamiji shared – ‘Be prepared to handle uncertainty 24/7. That courage to face uncertainty will take care even during those moments when you need to change the uncertainty. So the basic thing which we need is – decide to handle uncertainty consciously, go through it. That courage is enough.

Let me share my recent experience in the Suddhadvaitam program in May at Ujjain. On the first week, we were put in utter uncertainty as we encountered heavy shower on the first day and the camp was flooded which resulted in a challenge in the living condition. But we recovered from the situation shortly within 2 days. Then on the 7th day, we witnessed the happening of a cyclone which blew a few things away, that really shook many people. I remembered that moment I was just watching life in front of me like a movie, I took care of the safety and did what I could do to recover from the situation. Having a complete trust in the Master helped me to summon the courage to face the uncertainty and live it, knowing that he will take care of everything.

In essence, whenever we experience the uncertainty, anything we can change in the outer world, we should do it immediately. Whenever life shows the uncertainty, we should reframe from claiming that as chaos. Instead, we just declare spontaneity, the courage to live spontaneously! As per Shiva Sutras, it says very beautifully – Living in utter insecurity is enlightenment. When we live in utter insecurity, our intuition, intelligence and many divine qualities gets awakened by force. Uncertainty is Life – live it! Namaste. 😀