Teach Swadharma to your children

Do you know why many modern kids have lost their passion in life?
Are you aware by the time they reached teenage, some would have given up on themselves?

Two weeks ago, I hosted an online Enlightened Parenting session on the topic of ’Teaching Swadharma to your children’ using the Nlighten App, a mobile content developed by His Divine Holiness, Bhagawan Sri Nithyananda Paramashivam (fondly known as Swamiji) to guide his devotees to connect with his teachings digitally and experience transformation. In that one session, many deep insights were revealed to me about the trappings of societal conditioning from parents to kids and the rigidity of western education system which caused many children to lose their enthusiasm toward life.
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Re-defining Success in Life

What is your scale for measuring success in life? Is it about accumulating wealth, name and fame and power? Or is it about achieving the esoteric ultimate experience of enlightenment?

Many of us are taught by society to see success in the outer world in the form of career, happy relationships and contributions to community. We are also reminded of the importance of success in our inner world on the spiritual plane. Some people actually think that they are mutually exclusive i.e. one can only travel towards one tangent, either the material life or spiritual life. No! The truth is life is choicelessness, choosing to travel in one tangent only brings suffering because you will be missing the other dimension in life.

Life is about continuous expansion to embrace all dimensions. The moment we resist expansion, we are moving toward contraction, death itself. According to Paramahamsa Nithyananda, he defined success in 3 levels in life – i) Individual level: what you think as success, ii) Societal level: what society wants or thinks as your success and finally iii) Cosmic level: what Cosmos thinks as your success.

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