Spiritual practice breaks your patterns

A few years ago, I used to have a pattern of being quick-tempered whenever I felt violated by people or situations. So much so that it was taking a toll on my relationship with my loved ones. It was only after I met Swamiji, a living enlightened master (also known as Paramahamsa Nithyananda) that I learned how I actually strengthened certain responses unconsciously and how to get out of the patterns.

According to neurophysiologists, deep-rooted mental patterns (also called samskara in Sanskrit) create mental grooves in our brain, just like rivulets in sand, which makes the water run in certain patterns. They say that each time we react in a certain way repeatedly, we strengthen the power of the pathway. Each time the water runs in the same pathway, the rivulet becomes deeper. Same way, each time we react in a certain way to a situation, we strengthen that pattern. For example, if you have a habit of flaring in anger every time you are stressed, you are encouraging and strengthening that engram of anger due to stress. This is a very important truth that everyone must catch because the worst suffering we have is not recognising our pattern is the source of our suffering.

Swamiji gave this understanding beautifully, he said “The river running in the same direction becomes stronger, deeper, and more permanent. Same way, in your brain you have so many rivers – Ganga, Kaveri, Yamuna, Saraswati, Godavari, Narmada, Sindhu! Some of the rivers in your brain are wild rivers like forest rivers. They have the power to suddenly flood and cause calamities in your life. So you need to make a dam to divert such rivers; to make them flow in a different direction. Making that dam and diverting the river to a different direction is what I call sadhana – spiritual practice.”

Neuroplastic science also says that your brain has the ability to create new grooves and pathways, and the existing ones will heal and disappear if it is left on their own. So whenever you are really feeling the stress, fear or anxiety, do something very active such as doing a cathartic meditation or intense weight-lifting to make the body active. You will create a new engram, a different flow of energy, a new groove in the brain simply by working on the body intensely.

Swamiji explained that the next time whenever fear or stress happens in you again, the whole thing will automatically get converted into useful energy instead. When awareness is added to your rajas (restless energy), it can just become part of your life and can be directly useful to you. If you are stressed, if you have anger or fear towards somebody, just take it out with awareness in the gym, yoga or do some intense cathartic processes. He had given several cathartic processes from different traditions: 1) Manipuraka shuddhi kriya or talking in tongues, 2) pranayamas like bhastrika, kapalabhati, 3) loud chanting of Upanishads or Vedic mantras. In the Christian tradition, talking in tongues is called Glasalolia. In the Hindu tradition, we call it Manipuraka shuddhi kriya.

If you learn how to release your stress and fear through catharsis, you will see that you will be creating new rivulets. You will stop strengthening the old patterns, the ugly mental set-up of suffering and torturing yourself, instead you will be able to divert your energy to something life-positive which strengthens your ability to handle yourself with greater confidence.

From my own experience, the way I got out of my anger pattern was through a regular sadhana of daily yoga practice which included silent sitting with myself to unclutch from the dust I collected unconsciously as well as creating a space to witness my thought currents. After the initiation into Nithyanandoham and Suddhadvaitam processes, my sadhana has evolved to daily manifestation of experiences, powers and revelations. Swamiji taught the world the powerful science of completion (poornatva) and through the power of will and declaration to drop and complete with the incompletions which created the thought patterns and emotional patterns. Recently he has given a more subtle technique called pure questioning, when perform with authenticity, can lead one back to the space of completion and inner peace.

In essence, the next time you become aware of certain blind spot or thought pattern which you are suffering, go for spiritual solutions or practices which can heal the cracks in your inner space as well as create new subtle brain grooves such that your transformation becomes permanent. Namaste 😀

You are untouched by suffering

This is the straight truth by Pantajali, the great sage, the father of Yoga: Suffering can never touch you!

How many of you are ready to accept this truth?

If you are able to grasp this truth, then you are already a living yogi! But for the majority of people, their cunning mind is not ready to accept that it is so simple because it still wants to do the nonsensical game of clutching and identification with thought patterns.

If we look in deeply, we will realise that everything is just a game. The mental game that doctors, psychiatrists, psychologist, priests used to exploit us by using guilt, fear and greed. Since young, we are very strongly made to believe by parents, educationists, society, politicians, by people at large that we have an unconscious mind and subconscious mind especially the psychiatrists and psychologists. The funny thing is they don’t even understand fully about their own mind, let alone trying to guide the world! No wonder they created a mess in the human consciousness with all kinds of disorders and we are suffering from it. For example, Sigmund Freud is the biggest fraud who sold a big hypothetical and fraudulent system of thinking to the world, which can never be questioned, and which can never be proved. Recently the scientific father of the disease ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) Leon Eisenberg, just before his death, he gave a confession. He said, “ADHD is a fictitious disease.” Dr. Edward C. Hamlyn, a founding member of the Royal College of General Practitioners also made a statement: “ADHD is a fraud intended to justify starting children on a life of drug addiction.” It is the conspiracy of the psycho-pharmacology units all over the world which fabricated this delusion and made us believe it due to some vested interests.

In the Vedic tradition, only enlightened masters, who have already gone beyond the mind, are qualified to talk about the mind. He is able to give the unadultered truth and solution so as to raise the collective consciousness of planet earth.

Paramahamsa Nithyananda (fondly known as Swamiji) is one such living master among us, he declared this simple truth “There is no such thing as suffering, there is no such thing as healing and there is nothing to be healed.” Any thought pattern, any incompletion or any memory we are carrying from the past, cannot touch our inner space. The truth is the past actually does not have any control over our inner space. All the so-called suffering is really unnecessary. This is because we are constantly made to believe that our past has a very strong connection with our present. We are constantly taught the idea that we are carrying an unconscious mind filled with many engraved memories, committed sins and karma. We were told that if we have suppressed some thoughts or emotions, we have to release it or if we were abused, we have to heal that wound through past life regression. These are nonsensical ideas put into our consciousness. That is how we create a disorder for ourselves and suffer. If only we realise that we are responsible for clutching again and again with the old thought patterns and allowing them to cause the unnecessary suffering upon ourselves.

Patanjali says that “Till we reach the state of yoga – the cessation of the mind or the withdrawal of thought patterns, there is clutching and identification with thought patterns”. He went on to explain that the modifications of the mind or mental patterns are five-fold, they result in the alternation of anguish and of non-anguish, suffering and peace. He is telling us that we are all qualified for enlightenment if we renounce our self-doubt, self-hatred and self-denial patterns. All we need to do is just stop our action called mind and relax into our true nature. We will experience the state of NOW and nothing else is required.

In essence, no suffering can ever touch our pure consciousness which is by its nature blissful, powerful and all knowing. Just relax into your true nature NOW. Suffering exists only with ignorance of this truth. Namaste 😀

  • Source – 108 truths of the Yoga of Enlightenment by Paramahamsa Nithyananda.