Samyama – The Yogic Technology to Experience the Treasure within You

Are you aware that yoga is a science?

Like any science there are 2 parts: 1) the theories or the pure science and 2) the application in practical life or the applied science. Many of us know mostly the theoretical aspect of yoga through books but to experience the applied science of yoga, one needs to live the science. Person who knows only pure science, the theories who never learn applied science will always be a beggar in consciousness. The utility value of applied science is that it brings value to the pure science, it inspires people towards pure science.

Samyama is the applied science of Yoga. Samyama is the technology through which the extraordinary experiences and powers; which are in our super consciousness, are expressed through our body to the world. Our super consciousness is all knowing, all pervading, but preparing our body and mind to radiate some of those great powers and expressing those powers, that technology is Samyama.

Extraordinary powers (siddhis) like materializing, teleporting, levitation, clairvoyance, walk on water and control of 5 elements etc are a part of Hindu Vedic tradition. All the juicy part of this tradition is the applied science. You would have seen many enlightened masters casually playing with such powers so as to inspire others towards the pure science. Samyama is the essence of the Hindu tradition, the core of Vedic tradition.

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Liberated Thinking vs. Liberal Thinking

In this modern age, men are always disturbed and we live with 3 levels of tensions whether it is in the physical, emotional or mental plane. As a result, we are quarrelsome, lazy, misguided and unlucky, which is the reason why we live very short lives. Unfortunately, in this age everything is mismanaged by the profit-driven media and consumeristic corporations and unconscious leaders. Human beings are so conditioned with a worker’s mentality, we forget the aim of life because we are in ignorance living in darkness. As a result, we are slow in understanding spiritual life.  Human life is meant for understanding spiritual values but we have forgotten life’s real purpose. We do not know anything about living in bliss which is our true nature and the kingdom of God. We know nothing about how to get there or how to become happy. We have forgotten all this.

Instead we are taught by the so-called liberal thinkers the notion of liberal thinking i.e. thinking based on the instincts, impulses or pleasures. But we forget that liberalism is one more jail which we are made to believe our jail is our home. It is pure hypocrisy and foolishness!

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